What do you know about the level of Service-Quality from your customer's perspective?

Issue Description

Do you know at any time the level of satisfaction of your customers for your offered services? Your approach is to offer the best network for Voice, Data, Messaging to your customers? How can you permanently monitor and assure this approach?

Our Solution

E2E Active Testing is a methodology which is used to test a service or an applications flow from end user's perspective. All possible scenarios from real life can be modeled in our platform. PIXIP.NET offers with its E2E Active Testing solution, a very flexible and highly customizable product portfolio including an early-warning system. With this powerful state of the art tool, you have the opportunity to keep the level of satisfaction of your customers continuously high. At the same time, you can reduce your costs maintenance and troubleshooting by using our technology.

Technical Highlights

Economic Benefits

  • Covering the main part of CEM chain by measuring and monitoring the quality of service delivered to customers
  • Low-cost test probes – mass testing possible
  • Future safe system – module based extension for new services or new network technologies
  • Low installation costs – plug and play distribution of test devices
  • NZA enabled
  • Low support costs – unattended testing capabilities, remote access
  • Stationary-, mobile-, drive-, field and on device testing with one single system
  • Satisfied customers generate new customers (word-of-mouth recommendation)
  • Proving an Early-warning system (Problems can be fixed before customers satisfaction will be affected)


Products involved

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